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Old-fashioned attention to detail and leading-edge technologies are combined to bring you inspection and testing services unsurpassed in quality and value!



Additional Inspection and Related Services

  • Well Chlorination 
    • Disinfects the well and water distribution system
    • Effective 90% of the time in eliminating bacterial contamination
    • Can typically be done over a 24 hour period 
      • Water cannot be used during the procedure
    • Includes retesting to confirm effectiveness

Continued failure of potability test after chlorination treatment may be an indication of a contaminated water source itself.  Consultation with a specialist may be recommended and ongoing treatment may be prescribed (e.g. UV light treatment, chlorination and/or filtration).  

Note: To avoid conflict of interest or impropriety, American Home Inspections does not offer to chlorinate any well it has previously tested. 



  • Lead Screening
    • Lead was a frequent paint additive until it was banned in 1978
      • It was used both in interior and exterior paints
      • Of particular concern are homes built before 1960
      • Reduced levels of lead are still permitted in some paints 
    • Lead may be a persistent soil contaminant where the home is located:
      • Close to an industrial site where lead was used or discarded
      • At or near an intersection where automobiles may have stayed idling during the times when leaded gasoline was still in use
    • Lead can also be found in drinking water when:
      • Lead pipes are used in the water supply or distribution system
      • Lead solder was used to join copper water pipes
      • Salvaged brass or older fixtures containing lead are used in the home 

Lead is highly toxic and exposure to even small amounts can cause serious neurological and other health problems, particularly in the very young.  Lead in paint, soil and water are the leading sources of lead exposure. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1 in every 11 children under the age of 6 has high blood lead levels.  If lead is found in the home, consultation with an expert may be advised.  Removal is not always recommended and improper attempts may worsen a situation.  Additional screening by the health department or physician may also be recommended.




  • Annual Inspections

    • If you have an older home or a home with aging systems in it, you may benefit from annual inspections.  (Hint: you have a lot more leeway when pricing out a replacement  furnace in the summer than you do after it unexpectedly dies on Christmas Eve).

    • Young children and the elderly are particularly at risk when homes become hazardous or their systems become unstable.

    • Periodic water potability testing may be advised if health conditions warrant.

I offer periodic inspections at a reduced cost for people who want to decrease their level of worry and get the most out of their home.



  • Elder-Care / Safe Baby Home Inspection

    • Check for placement and operability of egress provisions

    • Identify fire, health and safety hazards in the home 

    • Review common code requirements for mobility and accessibility

    • Provide recommendations and resources

I'll provide you with a custom inspection specifically designed to help you make your home the safest it can be for for taking care of elderly parents or bringing home your new baby.



  • Foreclosure / Distressed Property Services:

    • Check for and isolate unsafe electrical conditions

    • Provide temporary AC power for inspections or water testing

    • Winterization / de-winterization 

    • Furnace/boiler start-up and emergency fuel

    • De-watering / pump-outs 

Given the the realities of the realty industry today, special services are sometimes needed.  American Home Inspections can provide you with these advanced services to help a house become someone's a home again.  



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