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Energy Inspection

You don't need to be a home buyer to benefit from this service.  With energy costs at an all time high, it makes sense to have your home or commercial property thoroughly analyzed to see where you can save money by improving your heating / cooling and overall energy efficiency.  I use advanced equipment and reporting methods to give you the information and recommendations you'll need to reduce your annual energy costs by 25% or more on average.  Those are savings you'll benefit from year after year!   

Many homes, even those built in the last decade, tend to be poorly sealed and under-insulated.  You may be losing between 30% and 60% of your heat unnecessarily.  The old methods of weatherization just provided advice like 'increase your attic insulation' or 'caulk your windows'.  These were low-tech answers and, if these weren't the areas where you had problems, fixing them didn't accomplish very much.  In fact, you could often end up worse off by having wasted your time and money and not gained any efficiency.       

An American Home Inspections Energy Inspection is quite specific and designed to identify the exact areas where you can achieve real cost savings and improvements to comfort. The audit takes about the same time as a home inspection and addressed all the major areas where energy loss savings can be found and eliminated.  

Fortunately, costs to weatherize a home properly are still relatively inexpensive.  A Home Energy Audit will give you the information you need to potentially save many hundreds of dollars each heating/cooling season.  I can also test your heating system's efficiency to let you know whether a service call is needed.

Click here to see a sample Residential Energy Inspection Report. Energy Inspection Report.pdf.  

Infrared Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to "see" and "measure " thermal energy.  The insulated areas of your home can be analyzed for their thermal efficiency.  The camera can also see areas that have inadequate or no insulation and areas where poor construction methods are contributing to heat/cooling loss.  

  • Thermographic analysis of the home using an IR Flexcam S Infrared Camera  
    • Camera can see and photograph the heat loss in the building
    • Useful for detecting:   
      • Poor or ineffective insulation
      • Insulation that has settled or is missing behind walls or other enclosed areas 
      • Loss from conduction/lack of insulation
      • Air infiltration/exfiltration
      • Radiant loss from windows and doors

A home with significant air loss can be uncomfortable and expensive to heat and cool.  Some rooms are drafty and never seem to get warm.  Maybe you notice your furnace turning on every few minutes on a windy day.  Do your heating bills make you feel like you're heating more than just your home?  A blower door test can help isolate those problems areas so that they can be eliminated.  

  • Infiltec Calibrated Blower Door testing  
    • Slightly depressurizes (50 Pascals) home to determine: 
      • Poorly sealed building envelope
      • Air infiltration through:
        • Foundations, Basements, and Crawlspaces 
        • Walls, Ceilings, and Floors
        • Windows & Doors
        • Attic Areas and Accesses
        • Utility entrances
        • Electrical outlet and switches 

An air-conditioning and/or forced air heating system with leaks into unconditioned space is inefficient and can cause condensation problems.  Poorly balanced systems can leave some rooms cool and utility / low-use areas over-conditioned. 

  • Ultrasonic Trap Diagnostics and anemometer testing
    Locates leaking / poorly sealed HVAC ductwork
    Helps identify unbalanced system distribution 




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