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Septic Dye Testing

Q.  What is a 'Septic Test' and how is it performed?

A.  A Septic Test is a visual and physical examination of the septic and leach field area of the home.  A dye test is performed and the inspector will examine the surrounding area outside the home for signs of system leakage or failure.  

Key Features of the Inspection

  • Vibrant dye is flushed into the septic system at the beginning of the inspection
  • A faucet will be opened and allowed to run into the system for a period of time (usually for the duration of the home inspection)
    • This puts pressure on the septic system to test its function
    • In a home with private water source, this also helps indicate the capacity of the well.
  • Inspection will check for:
    • Presence of dye rising to surface of the ground or leaching into nearby water (e.g. adjacent stream, pond or lake)
    • Wet spongy ground near the septic field
    • Noticeable septic odors in or around the home

Consultation with a qualified engineer will be recommended if any undesirable results are found.



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