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Termite Inspection

Q. What is a 'Termite Inspection'?

A.  A Termite Inspection, more properly known as a Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection is a search for evidence of specific insect pests.  I'm trained and NY DEC certified to inspect for Termites, Carpenter Ants, Powder Post Beetles, Old House Borers, and Carpenter Bees. These pests can do significant cosmetic and/or structural damage to a home.  

Key Features of the inspection

  • Search for visible signs of infestation
    • Active, Inactive or Previously treated
    • Exterior 
      • Foundation
      • Walkways
      • Wood-to-soil contact
      • Eaves, Fascias and Soffits
      • Utility and plumbing penetrations
    • Interior 
      • Main areas of home
      • Basements and accessible crawlspaces
      • Attic
  • Preventative recommendations
    • Controlling moisture levels and dampness 
    • Removal of attractive food sources

I'll provide you with the necessary documentation required by your bank or mortgage institution.  If evidence of Wood Destroying Insects is found, either active, inactive or previously treated, a written description of what was observed and where will be provided.  Consultation with a pest control expert may be advised.  If no evidence of insect pests is found, it will be noted on the form.



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